Neon UVB T5 2,5% Arcadia D3 ShadeDweller-Max
  • Neon UVB T5 2,5% Arcadia D3 ShadeDweller-Max
  • Neon UVB T5 2,5% Arcadia D3 ShadeDweller-Max

Neon UVB T5 2,5% Arcadia D3 ShadeDweller-Max


Neon UVB for animals that live in the dim light of dense forests, for crepuscular or semi-nocturnal animals. (Shade = shadow).
Among the most important features we remember:

  • High quality;
  • Full spectrum light;
  • Helps provide vitamin D3;
  • Lamp life 12 months.

A standard output T5 lamp that draws only 14 Watts but is twice as bright as old twilight animal lamps. This increase in brightness or "lumen emitted" includes the entire light spectrum and therefore also UV rays. Therefore, to reach the target UVI of 1.00-1.50 from 30 to 70cm, this smart lamp requires only 2.5% UV-B in the total light spectrum.

The lamp itself is more powerful in the complex light spectrum, so to achieve the optimal UVI at the target distance the percentage of UVB is reduced but the resulting UVI is in the optimal ranges.

ShadeDweller-Max is suitable for use with almost all species of animals that we can find in the undergrowth of all the forests of the world, but it is also suitable for all those animals that come out of their dens and hiding places at sunset, it is suitable to leopard geckos (Eublepharis macularius), Correlophus ciliatus, frogs such as Trachycephalus resinifictrix, Phyllomedusa bicolor etc. It is also suitable for ball/pale pythons and other python species, corn snakes, king snakes, milk snakes, colubrids, garter snakes, hognose snakes, boas, mangrove snakes etc.


Data sheet

Tipologia di lampada
Fluorescent UVB Lamp

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