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Turtle tanks
  • Turtle tanks
  • Turtle tanks
  • Turtle tanks
  • Turtle tanks

Turtle tanks

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Glass turtle tanks suitable for all turtle species, but can also be used with other reptiles or mammals.

Available in sizes:

  • Medium: 52.5(1)x28h cm max and 18.5cm on the front, minimum wave width (2) 28cm, maximum wave width (3) 34cm (see photo).
  • Large: 61.5x35.5h cm max and 25.5cm on the front, minimum wave width (2) 31cm, maximum wave width (3) 35.5cm (see photo).

Size: 55.5x34.5x30h cm

The front glass curved in a wave but in a single piece makes the turtle holder an elegant furnishing accessory for your home or your reptile room.
The turtle tanks include a two-part decorative island that acts as a filter compartment, where you can add a water recirculation pump or reusable aquarium filters, biochemical cotton filter materials, synthetic fibers, etc.

The decorative resin island is a practical ornament that will allow your baby turtles to rest and bask under a spot lamp.

(pump not included)


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