Branched lianas ReptiZoo
  • Branched lianas ReptiZoo
  • Branched lianas ReptiZoo
  • Branched lianas ReptiZoo
  • Branched lianas ReptiZoo
  • Branched lianas ReptiZoo

Branched lianas ReptiZoo


 ReptiZoo branched lianas, available in the formats:

  • Single branch ?7mm - 150cm
  • Multi branch ?13mm - 180cm
  • Multi branch ?13mm - 140cm
Size: Ramo singolo Φ7mm - 150Cm

In nature, lianas are climbing plants, generally woody, which are born at ground level and climb the trunks of other trees to reach their crowns where they divide into numerous branches. Also in these reproductions the ramifications divide the thick main stem into several small twigs.

Each one is constructed in the same way as the mother stem: a core of stabilizing metal wire covered in polyurethane foam. Small twigs can be wrapped around each other to create an imitation of a tropical forest.

The product is dedicated to all animals with an arboreal lifestyle. Increase living space in horizontal and vertical terrariums. It is suitable for dry desert terrariums but also for rainfed terrariums with the presence of water.

Lianas are covered with a thick elastic foam that perfectly imitates the natural bark of a deciduous tree, has numerous grooves, thickenings and irregular shapes.

It is completely waterproof and resistant to high temperatures generated by lights or radiant panels, it has no sharp edges, the soft sponge is non-toxic and offers a perfect and firm grip for your pet (chameleons, lizards, geckos, spiders, mammals).

Living among branches and lianas at a certain height above the ground is often a prerequisite for the stress-free breeding of many animal species.

If necessary, it can be washed under running warm water.

All the vines are equipped with suction cups that will facilitate installation, but you can also insert them into your habitats by simply twisting them around existing decorations or branches.


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